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I believe paintings are an extension of our visual imagination. Colour puts the essence of life in inanite objects. At least that’s my belief. What started out as a hobby for me became my profession. Blank spaces always fascinated me. I always wondered what can I put in to fill in the emptiness. I found my answers in a brush and oil paint bottle. Painting was a visual art learnt through self discovery. I’ve always had a great respect and admiration for the earlier generation of artists who have laid the foundation for us to learn and see the world more artistically through canvas and brushes. My specialty is art. The brush is my bow and my vision is my arrow.


I have travelled to various places India and Abroad and have always been fascinated by various by their culture .Nature provides an immense quota of inspiration and so do people and places .I am also inspired by the forces that governs the daily life on this planet. And firmly believe in God above to provide these visions.